Custom Paper Printing in Palo Alto, CA


The importance of advertising and getting a brand name out there can’t be underestimated, whether it’s for businesses, organizations, or events. Laughing Brothers Graphics knows that better than anybody and is prepared to meet whatever your purposes demand. We provide the clearest, most beautiful custom paper printing in Palo Alto, CA, and we can do it in just 48 hours. Just 2 days after you place your order, you’ll have it ready to sell or share with the world.

In a world full of spam emails and obnoxious pop-ups, it can be a breath of fresh air for customers to receive something on paper instead. Printed products stand out more than ever in a digital age, especially when it’s done with the high-tech color printing services that Laughing Brothers Graphics provides. We help you to separate yourself from the competition and easily promote whatever it is you have to offer. 

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Printing Products of All Shapes and Sizes

You can tell from our previous products and designs that we offer an impressive range of services for a variety of customers. Each service is personalized accordingly, giving you plenty of artistic freedom and choices for paper promotion methods. Go big with a banner, small with brochure printing, or even smaller with stickers and bookmarks. Not sure what you want? Just ask. Our team is happy to help you decide the right fit for your design or business.

No matter what you choose, you receive a printing job with impressive quality that looks even better than you expected. Anyone who looks at it will have no trouble recognizing your name, slogan, logo, and colors. This visibility, combined with our customization options for fonts and other aspects, empowers you to create a graphic that people remember and hold onto long after you’ve sold or given it to them. This goes a long way in getting you more guests at your event or customers choosing your services. 

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Traditional Printing Services
High-Tech Color Printing Services
Custom Screen Printing
Wide-Format Printing
Custom Paper Products

  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Stickers
  • Brochures
  • Bookmarks
  • Labels
  • Decals

Contact us to place your printing order. Our shop serves Palo Alto, California, and the East and South Bay.